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Marcus Figueiredo (1942-2014) was a professor, researcher and consultant in various electoral campaigns in Brazil. He wrote a number of essays and books on the subject of electoral behavior and vote, among which such as "The Vote Decision", published in 2008.

A pioneer of studies of research, public opinion and vote in the country, the professor also distinguished himself as an educator and orientator to whole generations of political scientists. His work influenced the conception of various fields of national political science. Figueiredo was one of the founders of the former Instituto Universitario de Pesquisas do Rio de Janeiro (IUPERJ), where he was active as a professor for approximately two decades.

In IUPERJ, Figueiredo coordinated Doxa (Laboratório de Pesquisa em Comunicação Política e Opinião Pública), the research laboratory he founded in Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). Doxa is renowned as one of the greatest instruction centres for researchers of public opinion, electoral behavior and vote in Brazil. Created in 1996, its permanent research on media and politics, collaborations in collective research and exchanges with colleagues from other national and international institutions have made of the Laboratory a privileged space for training of graduate and undergraduate students.

Professor Marcus Figueiredo was well known for always taking position regarding subjects that were brought to his attention and for his availability for helping colleagues. Apart from coordinating various work groups in national scientific associations, he was also a member of various research groups, including Grupo Opinião Pública, Marketing Político e Comportamento Eleitoral, at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, and always encouraged our activities, taking part in various events and publications.

It is with the intention of contributing to the production of knowledge in the fields of public opinion, parties, electoral behavior and political marketing that this virtual library, named as a tribute to Professor Marcus Figueiredo, presents a large collection of materials dedicated to these themes, making available for consultation papers, theses, dissertations and other publications carried out by researchers in Brazil and abroad. This space innovates by gathering in one address data originated from the most varied sources and in various formats, with special focus on the presence of the the main publications - theses, dissertations and monographies - produced by members of Grupo Opinião Pública, Marketing Político e Comportamento Eleitoral.

The contents of this library make it an important tool for researchers and professionals in the fields of public opinion, political parties, electoral behavior and political marketing, contributing to the continuity of the intellectual legacy of Marcus Figueiredo and of many others who helped elucidated such subjects. The Virtual Library Marcus Figueiredo is a space open to the collaboration of all researchers of public opinion who wish to public their production. Please contact us if you would like to make your paper available here.