EM DEBATE is a monthly electronic publication linked to the Public Opinion, Political Marketing and Electoral Behavior Research Group, based in UFMG. The periodic has the purpose of intervening in the public debate about the political-electoral environment, promoting dialogue between specialists in the fields in which the group operates and society. Until the post-elections period, in December 2010, the periodic was named 2010 EM DEBATE. After this period it became a monthly publication and was renamed EM DEBATE.

The publication is composed of a Thematic Dossier, in which our guest collaborators discuss one issue from various perspectives. Offering adttional materials, the Opinion section publishes articles, essays and reviews about subjects related to electoral dynamics.

EM DEBATE accepts papers of political and academic interest written in language accessible to the general public. Social scientists, professionals, political actors and researchers of related areas are all welcome to contribute. The periodic publishes works in the fields of public opinion and related themes, be those articles or theoretical or practical essays.