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General rules for publication: 


Format: articles or essays framed within the theme defined by the Editorial Board. Must contain between 3 to 5 pages, with approximately 2100 characters per page, including spaces. 


Format: article, review or essay with up to 3 pages, with approximately 2100 characters per page, including spaces. 
* The text must include an abstract (in Portuguese and English) with 4 or 5 lines and 3 keywords. 

1. The texts must be sent by e-mail as ann attachment, in .doc format (Word), with the subject "Text Submission". 

2. EM DEBATE will receive articles and essays between 1st-20th of each month. 

3. Each text will be evaluated by up to three members of the Editorial Board. 

4. The anonimity between authors and such opinion givers will be guaranteed during the evalutation process. Any members of the Editorial Board who present papers for evaluation will not be designated ann opinion giver. 

5. The papers must be framed within one of the three lines of research of the Group to which this publication is connected: electoral behavior and elections; political marketing and political campaign; public opinion. 

6. The texts submitted for evaluation must use a language accessible to the external community, in accordance with the publication's purpose of sharing academic knowledge with society. Bibliographic references must be added at the end of the article. 

7. The sources of citations or remissions to books must be done within the text, between parenthesis, with the surname(s) of the author(s), date and page(s) where the citations can be found. Example: (Figueiredo, 1991: 52) 

8. Example of bibliographic reference: 

LITTLEJOHN, S. W. Fundamentos teóricos da comunicação humana. Rio de Janeiro: Zahar, 1982. 

McCOMBS, M.; SHAW, D. The agenda-setting function of mass media. Public Opinion Quarterly. 1972. v. 36, pp. 176-185. 

All published texts must respect the following guidelines: 

• Relevance and originality
• Unpublished text 
• Suitability to the guidelines and to the editorial line 
• Approval by the opinion givers of the Editorial Board

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