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CECOMP abre ciclo de palestras sobre Ciência Política na UFMG


The Center for Political Behavior Studies (CECOMP) invites everyone and everyone to the event "Cycle of Lectures2018: Thinking Brazil Today: What does Political Science Have to Say?".

The event will take place on 26/11 (Monday), 28/11 (Wednesday) and 30/11 (Friday), at FACE - UFMG.

Check out the schedule:

Day: 26/11 - Monday (Auditorium 4)

Table 1: "Forms of social mobilization in contemporary Brazil: from national to local"

With: Luciana Tatagiba (DCP-UNICAMP) and Claudia Feres (DCP-UFMG)

Table 2: "Turning to the right: antipetism and demand for anti-system leadership in Brazil"

With: Nara Pavão (PPGCP - UFPE) and Rodrigo Patto (PPGH - UFMG)


Day: 28/11 - Wednesday (Auditorium 2)

Table 3: "Parties and party system in times of crisis"

With: Pedro Floriano Ribeiro (UFSCar) and Carlos Ranulfo (DCP - UFMG)

Table 4: "Judicial Institutions and the Political Crisis in Brazil"

Featuring: Fábio Kerche (Casa de Rui Barbosa Foundation) and Ligia Madeira (UFRGS)

Debater: Marjorie Marona (DCP - UFMG)


Day 30/11 - Friday

Table 5: "Partisans, Antiparties and Partisans"

With: Cézar Zucco (FGV-EBAPE)

The event will have the issuance of certificates, for this it is necessary to register via: <>

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