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Call for Dossier Articles: Rights in Latin America Today


The strengthening of right-wing movements, political parties and governments in recent years in several Latin American countries has been accompanied by the proliferation - still insufficient - of studies devoted to understanding the ongoing phenomenon. Although right-wing actors and ideas have never been absent from the Latin American public debate, recent research has drawn attention to the new configurations of the field (different from the so-called “old rights”) and to the great ideological and acting diversity among its actors, ranging from moderate currents to far-right groups and neo-fascists. In this dossier, it is intended to put into dialogue research on the various forms of manifestation of these movements, political groups and intellectuals of the new rights, with emphasis on Brazil and other Latin American countries, covering different theoretical and methodological perspectives on the subject. Empirical or theoretical work related to the phenomenon of the rise of the right is accepted in various aspects (social movements, political parties, political culture, elections, behavior, media, ideas and intellectuals, etc.), which have a comparative, transnational or national case focus. specific.


Coordinators: Renato Ferreira Ribeiro (UFSCar) and Marcelo Fontenelle e Silva (UFSCar)


Articles must be submitted by January 30, 2020 to

Instructions for authors: