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Circuito Político: A Pátria Educadora em Colapso


It is with immense pride that the State Academic Science Center launches the project: Political Circuit, which consists of a series of events that dialogue with the various areas of politics.

Launching of the book: A PÁTRIA EDUCADORA EM COLAPSO – Reflexões de um ex ministro sobre a derrocada de Dilma Rousseff e o futuro da educação no Brasil by Renato Janine.

The event will be attended by the former Minister of Education: Renato Janine. Janine will share her experience in the ministry and give an account of this troubled period, and the political causes of the overthrow of the PT government and the educational situation in Brazil, which are addressed in her book.

Day: 09/12/2018

Time: 18hrs

Location: Faculty of Law and Sciences of the State of UFMG