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1st summer school in research methodology


The Latin American Association of Researchers in Electoral Campaigns (ALICE) and the Brazilian Association of Researchers in Communication and Politics (Compolítica) present the first Summer School of Research Methodology, which will take place from February 17 to 21, 2020, in Curitiba, at the University Federal of Paraná (UFPR).


The School is the result of an unprecedented partnership between the two associations, organized by the research groups Electoral Communication (CEL), Communication and Political Participation (COMPA) and Political Communication and Public Opinion (CPOP) of the Postgraduate Program in Communication. from UFPR. The objective is to offer qualified methodological immersions, deepening the main research techniques used in the field of Communication and Politics.


About the Courses

The school is made up of 12 different courses taught by professionals and research teachers in the area of ​​communication and politics. Its format aims to provide interested parties the possibility to complete several courses in the period. To this end, the event was concentrated over a period of 5 days, with all courses held at PPGCOM-UFPR facilities, in order to facilitate the participation of stakeholders from outside Curitiba.


The courses offered are:

•        Content analysis

• Quantitative Data Analysis

• Multivariate analysis applied to public opinion data

• Analysis Strategies for Government Communication Research

• Digital data extraction using R

• Focus Group

• Introduction to data analysis in R

• Introduction to Statistics

• Possibilities and limits of digital data collection in R

• Production and Application Survey for Communication Research

• Theory and practice in deliberation research

• Using Nvivo for Quali Research


The School was designed to increase the knowledge of postgraduate students in Communication and / or Political Science regarding research techniques and methods applied to objects in these areas. Undergraduates, graduate students from related fields and market professionals also form the event's interest group.


About Registration

Those interested can register and pay for the courses through the event's website:


On the website you can also access the table with the different courses, speakers and menus, as well as investment and discounts provided for members of the promoting institutions and participants of two or more courses.


It is worth mentioning that the courses provide minimum number of participants for their feasibility, being duly confirmed in advance by email. The issuance of a certificate of participation is also ensured for graduating students.


Questions can be sent through our social networks and also by email: