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Master Degree PPGDS 2019


Will be filled up to 20 (twenty) vacancies for the Master and up to 08 (eight) vacancies for the Doctorate. In the final classification, up to 06 (six) vacancies will be reserved out of the total of 20 (twenty) vacancies available for the Master course for candidates who enroll in the following categories: (a) low-income candidate from public high school; (b) black low-income candidate from public high school; (c) persons with disabilities; and (d) traditional peoples and communities.


Currently, the Program has two lines of research: Line 1 - Social movements, identities and territorialities; and Line 2 - Socieconomic Relations and Power.


For more information, access the notice and its attachments on the PPGDS website at the following link: regular-students-for-masters-and-doctoral-courses-ppgds /.