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The Political Science Graduate Program at UFMG is the oldest in Brazil, having started activities in 1966 with the creation of the Master's course. Fully established and considered excellent by Capes (grade 7), the Political Science Graduate Program (PPGCP)  makes important contributions to scientific production in the field, distinguishing itself by its insertion in international research networks, its multiple research groups and its operation in solidarity with other national programs.

PPGCP is currently organised into two fields of study: (1) Institutions, Political Behavior and Public Policies and (2) Innovations in Democracy in the 21st Century. Its permanent teaching body is composed of 14 permanent professors and 03 collaborating professors.

Between 1966 and 2014, the Program has graduated 249 Masters in Political Science. The program also has presented 41 Ph.D. graduates between 2018 and 2014.