The Public Opinion Portal is an initiative of the multidisciplinary research group Public Opinion, Political Marketing and Electoral Behavior. The group, located at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) currently gathers researches from 20 higher education institutions and also counts with the support of Instituto de Pesquisas Sociais, Políticas e Econômicas (IPESPE).

This website is intended as a space to stimulate dialogue between academia and society, as well as to cater to the demand for specialized information and analyses that may help citizens to act politically. For this purpose, it will gather archives, analyses and information in the fields of public opinion, electoral behaviour and political marketing, operating as a space for sharing of knowledge between specialists and society.

The Portal makes available to the public the Virtual Library Marcus Figueiredo, which incorporates studies in the fields of Public Opinion, Political Marketing and Electoral Behavior, as well as monographies, dissertations, theses and articles, facilitating the search for contents

Also found here is EM DEBATE, a monthly periodic that publishes new texts in the fields of expertise of the research group.

In the Public Opinion Portal, users also have the opportunity to produce information . Sections such as News & Events, the Virtual Library Marcus Figueiredo and the periodic EM DEBATE are open to contributions.

Be part of the construction of this interactive space and get to know our Portal.